The Oystermen specialise in providing bespoke oyster bars with fully trained, experienced and passionate staff for events of all shapes and sizes.

To ensure the absolute peak of freshness of our oysters we buy directly from the source in the UK and not from wholesalers. This way we can ensure they will be in tip top condition when we shuck them freshly just for you…

What We Do

We can service any event or function, private or corporate, indoors or out.

From weddings to birthday parties, summer barbeques to Christmas parties, we can tailor our offer to your own personal requirements, whether we provide the whole offering or work seamlessly alongside your primary caterer at larger events.



The bespoke nature of what we do means that pricing varies from event to event, but as a rough rule of thumb, prices start from about £1.95 per oyster plus a £200 booking charge to cover transport, staff, etc.

Of course we also provide all the extras; lemon and lime wedges, horseradish, an awesome hot sauce bar, and shallot vinaigrette.


All the usual stuff is covered…We carry all the required Public Liability insurances, HACCP documentation, food hygiene certificates, are members of The British Shellfish Association and all our Oysters are batch tracked and carry food safety labelling.