The smell of the open sea, iodine and ozone, a bold, salty,
buttery flavour with a firm, creamy meat and a strong, earthy finish.

Fal Native

Nose of iodine, with strong flavours of cucumber and citrus. A firm,
juicy body gives way to a finish of tin and copper.


A soft, light, salty nose with a firm meat, a smooth body gives
way to a metallic finish with a hint of sweetness.


Mild sea salt nose with a slightly fruity, citrus hit. The silky and meaty
texture gives way to an earthy finish with unmistakable hints of slate.

Dorset Rocks

Plump, creamy meat, a light nutty flavour and a classic
salty nose. A short woodland finish.

Porthilly Rocks

A lovely hit of fresh seaweed, a smooth, plump, creamy meat
with a touch of citrus gives way to an unmistakable sweetness.

Maldon Kumomoto

These oysters have a smaller, thicker shell with an unmistakable
meaty sweetness, following a lovely cucumber nose, completed
with a strong earthy finish.